Who We Are



Martha Miller is the Editor. Martha started working at age 14. She has been a receptionist, a map router, a dude ranch housekeeper, a trust company accountant, a stock manager for Marshall Field’s in Chicago, an analyst for new store locations for Walgreen’s, an actress, an author, a feature reporter for NBC News New York, a tax preparer for H & R Block, and ultimately, for the last 35 years, a tax lawyer in private practice, admitted in New York and Connecticut.

She has a B.S in Economics from Parsons College in Fairfield IA (now defunct), and a Juris Doctor (law degree) from Northwestern University in Chicago. She dabbled in a business program at the University of Chicago, where she actually used a Univac, an early computer. Her client base ranges from landscapers to merchant bankers. She is the author of What Every Woman Needs to Know about The Law (Doubleday) 1980.


Ronald D'Abrosca is the Sales Manager. Ron has an education at Bryant College, has managed restaurants for over 30 years with some time out as a bank vice president/officer and is working hard on an Enrolled Agent status.

He is our guy who has experience in “boots on the ground” budgeting, inventory, cost control, projections and people management.

He is the proud father of an eighteen year old son who has now joined the team. Ron’s hobbies are fixing things and cooking.



Melissa Bellanca is the Production Coordinator, which means that she enforces deadlines and gets the job done efficiently and effectively.

Melissa has the best of all preparations for the job, as she has four amazing children and is married to a State Trooper.

She is calm and steady.